[Prolonged identity] is a visual interpretation based around the concept of Central European identity. The project’s aim is to reveal the causes behind the emergence of a new wave of nationalism within its geopolitical territory. Through this work, I want to emphasise the autonomy and integrity of the individual within collective national identity, which can often be affected by continual changes and distortions resulting in simplifications and stereotypes.

In my personal experience I have been confronted with perpetual political changes that have resulted in the intertwining of individual state borders. Such impermanence and fluidity of national borders result in the absurdity of any notion to delineate our identity based on one’s relationship to a specific country or state.

The core of the project forms a visual exploration of Central European identity, and is presented in a hybrid book form. The first part is divided into three chapters formed by images and texts. The work currently takes a route of non-linear presentation of its content in the form of a digital publication, allowing the viewer to experience a web of inter-related relationships and associations.

The purpose of the interactive project is to have an information base where relevant links about the Central European geopolitical space are gathered and shared. An important aspect of this platform is participation and the possibility of referencing content on the topic of intertwining national identities.   contact > viktorkopasz@gmail.com